YDKF Episode 153: MTV

If you remember hearing (or saying) “I want my MTV,” then this episode is for you! In episode 153 of You Don’t Know Flack I talk about the classic era of MTV, from August 1st, 1981 when the channel began until the Real World, Road Rules, and all those other reality shows ruined everything. I talk a bit about Headbanger’s Ball, Yo! MTV Raps, and discuss some of the other shows that appeared on MTV over the years.


Link: iGrewUpStarWars w/Rob O’Hara
Link: Pinballz Arcade
Link: Museum of the Weird

Link: Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” (1984 VMAs)
Link: Nirvana “Hi Axl!” (1992 VMAs)
Link: Michael Jackson/Slash “Billy Jean” (1995 VMAs)
Link: Vanilla Ice destroys a set
Link: MTV’s Remote Control

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4 Replies to “YDKF Episode 153: MTV”

  1. As a longtime Duran Duran fan, I agree that MTV was a major factor in their success. I would also argue that they were a major factor in MTV’s success as well. They had the look, and epic videos that mostly made no sense (I’m talking about you, Union of the Snake). The flip side of this was that MTV could break you as well. On the Duran Duran song “Too Much Information”, the first lines are: “Destroyed by MTV, I hate to bite the hand that feeds me”. Once they took you out of rotation, that was it.

    Awesome episode Sir Flack!

  2. Long time, first time…

    I really liked this episode, having grown up on MTV. I watched Headbanger’s Ball while babysitting (probably warped the little kid’s brains a bit :)) & was the resident metalhead at my school (it was a small private school with about 300 kids total, K-12). Anyway, great episode about a great time to be a kid!

    Now, to be “that guy”: S.O.D. didn’t stand for “Speak English or Die”; that was the name of their album. S.O.D. stood for “Stormtroopers of Death.”

    Pedantic Reader, signing off…

  3. Another great episode. I didn’t watch any MTV until I got to college (94) by which time the ‘golden days’ of the network was on it’s way out. Just didn’t get it in my area (I grew up in New Hampshire) and we didn’t get cable until after I had moved out. It was interesting hearing about your experiences. As late as latter 2000’s MTV used to do ‘a flashback MTV show’ or something late at night where they would show old music videos, like in the old days. But I think even that’s gone now. Keep up the good work!

  4. I recall reading that one reason MTV decreased music video broadcasting was because the labels began demanding higher royalties.

    So in reality, every time MTV showed a music video they had to pay for it, and eventually the fees got too high for them

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