YDKF Episode 181: Archiving

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If you have archived all the old episodes of You Don’t Know Flack, you are in luck! On Episode 181 of YDKF I talk about all the things I archive: photos, VHS tapes, vinyl records, floppy disks, and more!


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One Reply to “YDKF Episode 181: Archiving”

  1. Great episode on a topic I like. Tape preservation is fun but oh so time consuming when you want to make it sound good and cut the tracks up and name the files and all that… but maybe that’s just my ADHD talking.
    Preserving VHS is great fun too. I use a USB capture device and I think it’s pretty good except for some kinks you have to figure out. Usually I capture to lossless (like the Lagarith codec) and then either mess with it in AVIsynth/VirtualDub or something like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. With regards to final format, MP4 is great unless you’ve got interlaced footage. Then you’re better off with MPEG2 – or you can convert it to 60p (or 50p if in PAL) with great quality with VirtualDub. It’s actually really cool to watch your old home movies like that.
    Ripping DVDs to ISO format is something I’ve managed to stop doing. Using for example MakeMKV to remux (not re-encode) what’s on a disc to single files is much better if you’re looking at the future (which you discussed). Fewer and fewer software media players support DVD menus – not to mention blu-ray menus – and media servers like Plex and Emby doesn’t either. Just rip to files, name them properly, put the extras in a folder called Extras (!) with the movie and Bob is your tech savvy uncle. :)
    Great to have you back doing a show, hoping for a Sprite Castle in the future!

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