YDKF Episode 171: UFOs

Day13_Phone (119)Episode 171 is all about UFOs. On this one I talk about the books, television shows, and movies that caused me to look skyward. I also talk about some UFO reports, events, and my own personal sighting. The truth is out there — and in here!


Alien Autopsy: YouTube
Gray Alien Interview: YouTube
Haiti UFO Sighting: YouTube

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4 Replies to “YDKF Episode 171: UFOs”

  1. Rob,
    After enjoying the “UFO” podcast I have come to the conclusion that we were cut from the same grain. “strange Stories and Amazing Facts” was a book I pick up in my grandfather’s office as a kid and to this date have 3 copies (I buy one whenever I happen to find it). He and an aunt work at the local library where I spend some summers reading through the Cohen books from .001 and the 133 dewy count. I enjoy the podcast, its nice to go back to the days of early commodore “swap” parties and so forth. Thanks for putting the time into the podcasts.

  2. Rob, thanks for a wonderful podcast. I look forward to every episode. Really brings me back on some of these shows.

    This show however I thought I heard you mention an Android machine with a joystick built in specifically for running older arcade games. I think you put it Loading Time (Arguably my favorite part of the podcast.) Do you have a link to that or any more information? I would like to check it out.

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