YDKF Episode 148: Modchips

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. After a slight delay, You Don’t Know Flack is back with an episode all about modchips, those devious little devices that allow you to do naughty things with your videogame consoles. In this episode I talk about the history of modchips, from the original Sony PlayStation to the last generation of consoles.


Modchips (Wikipedia)
17 Mistakes Microsoft made in the Xbox Security System Microsoft
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One Reply to “YDKF Episode 148: Modchips”

  1. Great episode. Loved the PLaystation story. I still have two chipped Playsations here. One I did myself, the other I got from a friend a year or two ago. I soldered my own as well, and did about 6-7 for other people. Worked at Babbages at the time, and we had ‘checkout’ privileges, so needles to say, PSX library grew pretty quick. I still have EVERY ONE of my backups and they all play 100 fine, with the exception of the studders the FMV. I have tried them both in my reals systems, as well as on the PC in ePSX. I used KAO brand discs the most. They were pretty expensive but seem to work pretty good. I used the program you mentioned (forget name as I am groggy, just woke up) as we as a program called Gear to make backups. Wii is soft modded. and plays GC backups (3 on a DVD with menu) as well as well as almost any Wii backup. I have a bigscreen, and some, but not all of the PAL games work fine, but there are a couple that roll and are unplayable. Funny thing is, they work fine on a friends Wii that I modded with a similar TV. Oh well.

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