YDKF Episode 141: Raspberry Pi

In Episode 141, I talk about my infatuation with the new(ish) credit card-based computer, the Raspberry Pi. In this show I talk about what the Raspberry Pi is, what it’s capable of doing, and some of the more interesting uses for this $35 computer. Also on this episode I moved my microphone around and introduced some weird and annoying microphone noises to the show. You’re welcome.


Raspberry Pi FAQs

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A mirror copy of this episode is located at the Internet Archive.

One Reply to “YDKF Episode 141: Raspberry Pi”

  1. Rob,

    Another great pod cast. Keep up the awesome work!!

    What I have been recommending to the people at work who have been getting newer computers with Windows 8 and who want the Start button and desktop back is “Classic Shell” found here:

    I also got my Raspberry Pi last week and have been trying to get MAME and MESS running on it. Being new to Linux I am “leaning” on the fly, I’ve been trying to get my Tank Stick working. I did download all the MagPi Magazines to my Nook to start reading about what can be done with this thing.


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