YDKF Episode 139: The Galloping Ghost Arcade

Last week I visited the Galloping Ghost arcade just outside of Chicago, Illinois. You can hear all about the arcade and my time there in episode 139 of You Don’t Know Flack! Also in this episode I compare the Ghost to some of the other retro arcades I’ve visited recently, including Funspot, the Arkadia Retrocade, and 1984. The “Loading Time” section of this episode is a little longer than I had hoped but, eh, sometimes loading a podcast off of a Commodore Datasette takes a while.


The Galloping Ghost Arcade
EDIT: Here are all the pix I took at the arcade.

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A mirror copy of this episode is located at the Internet Archive.

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  1. That arcade is awesome!! I went there last year and had a great time! I love the variety and the very 90s fighting game culture. Glad you got to check it out.

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