Category: Sprite Castle

Sprite Castle 035: Samantha Fox Strip Poker

[] Once voted “the most unerotic strip poker game” by Power Play Magazine, on this week’s show we take 1986’s Samantha Fox Strip Poker out for a spin. Download ringtones from the game HERE. iTunes | RSS | Facebook | […]

Sprite Castle 034: BC’s Quest for Tires

[] What better hero than a caveman on a unicycle? On this episode of Sprite Castle, we’re rollin’ deep as we discuss the first game I ever saw on a Commodore 64: BC’s Quest for Tires, released by Sierra On-Line, […]

Sprite Castle 033: Skate or Die

[] This week we’re here to skate, die, and chew bubble gum, and Lester stole our bubble gum and punched us in the eye. On this week’s game, we play one of my favorite games of all time: SKATE OR […]

Sprite Castle 032: Ghostbusters

Support my podcasts on We here in the Castle ‘aint afraid of no ghosts, and you definitely shouldn’t be afraid of this classic Commodore 64 game based on the original movie. It’s GHOSTBUSTERS, released by Activision in 1984. Download […]

Sprite Castle 031: Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration Kit

Support my podcasts on Happy 4th of July! On this mini-episode of Sprite Castle, we delve into one of the weirder programs on the Commodore 64, Activision’s 1985 COMPLETE COMPUTER FIREWORKS CELEBRATION KIT. Download the game in .D64 format […]

Sprite Castle 030: Sword of Fargoal

Support my podcasts on! In most Rogue-like games you start off with a sword. In this one, you’re in search of one! Fire up your Commodore 64 and join us as we go in search of this 1983 classic […]

Sprite Castle 029: One on One

With the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs, what better time to dip back into the game that launched EA Sports (“It’s in the game!”). On this episode of Sprite Castle, we’ll be taking it to the hoop with 1984’s […]

Sprite Castle 028: Wonderboy

It looks like Super Mario Bros., it plays like Super Mario Bros., it’s… WONDERBOY, the 1987 Activision port of the 1986 Sega arcade game that is a lot like 1985’s Super Mario Bros. Download the game in .D64 format HERE. […]

Sprite Castle 027: Adventureland

Warm up your typing fingers and jump into the wonderful world of Scott Adams’ adventures with the first text adventure ever released for home computers, ADVENTURELAND. Download the game in .D64 format HERE. Download ringtones from the game HERE. Congratulations […]

Sprite Castle 026: Archon

The eternal battle between the light and the dark takes place here in this week’s 1984 game from Electronic Arts, ARCHON. Download the game in .D64 format HERE. Download ringtones from the game HERE. Congratulations to MICHAEL D’ANGELO, this episode’s […]