YDKF Episode 180: Thanksgiving


Nothing says Thanksgiving like December. On this slightly-delayed episode of You Don’t Know Flack, I catch up on a few things. In a lengthy Loading Time segment I discuss the WiModem (a wireless modem for the Commodore 64) and the new 1541 Ultimate II+, along with how graduate school is going. In the second half of the show I talk about Thanksgiving, and the top 10 things I am thankful for.

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  1. Hey Rob! Just listened to your pod cast with a mini-review of the WiModem. Yes, it’s pronounced “Why-Modem”. :)

    My WiModem is the $54.95 solution. Leif’s WiFiModem is the $150 solution.

    The UP9600 hack is built into the WiModem, so it supports 9600 baud (and more) without having to do anything. You can use the latest CCGMS (v4) modded by Alwyz, which supports the UP9600 mode.

    The only true source of information for my products is my forums. I monitor it all of the time. You can also get info on the Lemon64 thread, as you mentioned.

    Lots of updates have occurred since you did the review, and lots more are planned. The WiModem has 3MB of storage and I am creating a copy program that will let you search for .d64 images and create disks (and vice-versa). I am also making a virtual disk drive.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


    Jim Drew, CBMSTUFF.COM

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