YDKF Episode 173: Movie Theater Memories

Batman (1976)Inspired by Doug McCoy’s new podcast (In The Theatre), I decided to share some of my own movie theater memories as well. In this episode you’ll hear about my first viewing of Star Wars, that time Grandma caused us to see Supergirl on Thanksgiving Day, and the time some girl threw up behind us during Cloverfield, among other exciting stories.


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2 Replies to “YDKF Episode 173: Movie Theater Memories”

  1. Your Faces of Death talk on this episode reminded me of something I totally forgot about. I also had a friend named Jeff in high school, and we used to hang out at his house and troll people on Q Link. One time we decided to have a Faces of Death party. By this time, there were three of them out, so we rented them and invited a lot of our friends. Most of the girls were not into it. I was totally into it, then. The internet has cured me of that; I’ve seen videos online that I can never unsee and still haunt me to this day. I think our curiosity as humans definitely gets the better of us sometimes.

    I agree with you about hating people who go to the movies to do anything but watch the movie. Where I disagree is when they should shut up. I think that the previews are fair game. Yes, they are important, but I don’t think seeing a preview in the theater is as necessary as seeing a movie in a theater.

    And finally, the line after you said the girl dumped you made me laugh for a long time. Thanks for that! :D

  2. I went to a flea market one time and purchased (I think) 5 Faces of Death VHS tapes. I revisited the first couple and never watched the rest. The good news was, I sold them all on eBay and made about 4x my money. I agree with you though, I have clicked on my share of internet videos (sometimes intentional, sometimes unintentional) and you are right, there are a few that I wish I could unsee (and can’t).

    Also if we ever go to the movies together we can’t sit together until after the previews.

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