YDKF Episode 167: IBM PC

While the Commodore 64 will always be my favorite child, the IBM PC is certainly the hardest working. In this episode I talk about my history with IBM computers, from our first PCjr back in 1984 through the first 386 I purchased in 1994. I also talk about some of my favorite games from that era and that stupid talking parrot program that came with the original Sound Blaster.


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2 Replies to “YDKF Episode 167: IBM PC”

  1. Great listen! We had a TI-99/4A. I got it for Christmas in 1982. My uncle was the “electronics” guru in the family at the time, and did a lot of research for my mom and dad for what computer to get for us. He came up with the TI. I still have it out in the “electronics” shed, man cave. Like you, I grew up with the all the different systems out there. Most of my friends in Jr. HS, and HS had C64s. The schools had the Apples, and my dads work was getting IBMs in the office. When TI got out of the home computer market, my dad was able to pick up the expatiation box with a SSSD 5 1/4 Disk drive, 32K memory card, and RS232 card. We were also able to get a few of the “good” carts. Extended Basic, Editor Assembler, TI Writer, TE-II, etc. From there we went to an IBM compatible so he was able to use it for work at home stuff. I remember one summer I was in his office and he tasked me to set up 6 IBM systems for him and his co-workers. Each system had Lotus 123 and word star running off 2 5 1/4 floppy drives. Keep up the great work!

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