YDKF Episode 165: College

Summer’s over and class is in session! On this episode of YDKF I talk about the five (!) different colleges I’ve attended — not particularly technical in nature, but I thought you guys might want to know what I’ve been up to over the past month. The next two episodes will both be related to retro games, so hang in there!


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One Reply to “YDKF Episode 165: College”

  1. Circling back and listening to this one (for some reason I thought I’d listened to it before), I feel like this is my story, shifted about three hours to the west, right down to arriving in college newspaper class to find that none of the work I’d done in junior high and high school, which everyone had assured me was amazing, seemed to matter. And yet I was totally guilty of showing up thinking my reputation had followed me and, you know, everyone can go home now, Earl’s here. I lasted one semester before abandoning journalism – the thing that everybody assumed that I would be going on to do and do well – as a major.

    That was the beginning of a slippery slope of losing my way which eventually led me to bomb out of college in ’92. I went back for one semester of night classes in ’96 under “academic probation” and raised my GPA to 3.5, but couldn’t afford to stick around to do more and maybe graduate this time.

    I sometimes wonder if it might not be better to detox from school, and from teenage-dom, for a couple of years before embarking on the college adventure. I think it demands a little bit of growing up, and maybe some time spent working crap jobs to appreciate the importance of the opportunity.

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