YDKF Episode 157: Printer Extravaganza

Listen. I know this sounds like a terrible idea for a show. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. Just wait until you hear about all the fun I used to have printing things out with Print Shop!


Link: Print Shop! They still make it!
Link: TheLogBook write up about Springboard’s Newsroom
Link: Paul Slocum’s Dot Matrix Synth
Link: My book Commodork
Link: Vintage Volts (GREAT retro site and guy!)

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Our Epson FX-80, sitting between a PC and our Franklin Ace 1000.

Note the Rambo printout behind my head (1987). This is the large wood desk my dad built that I mentioned in episode 156.

One Reply to “YDKF Episode 157: Printer Extravaganza”

  1. At work we still use line dot matrix printers. All the paperwork that is used on railroad is silly. But due to some of the accidents, etc that has occurred the FRA doesn’t allow for electronic devices to replace the paper work we are required. At least they are transitioning to page printers. Also when I was in the army working in supply we had all of our reports printed. We had a B1000 line printer, it would print around 600 lines a minute. It would go thru a box of paper in about 30 minutes. Most of the reports we printed were on multi-part wide paper and we had a device that would decollete the carbon from between the pages. Oh the days of paper…

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