YDKF Episode 155: Cassettes

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! On the first You Don’t Know Flack of 2015 I talk about my history with cassette tapes. C’mon, it’s not as boring as yet another 24 hour Christmas Story marathon.


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3 Replies to “YDKF Episode 155: Cassettes”

  1. Re: Wii gaming emulation. I too use the Wii for NES, SNES, Atari, n64, Sega emulation. I use a wireless Wavebird controller. Remove the SD card and the Wii runs as designed. Insert the SD, reboot and the soft mod runs hosting the ROMs and associated files.

    My wife bought me an Atari Flashback 5 for Christmas not knowing remembering that we have the 1,800+ Atari 2600 ROMs on the Wii. Oh well.

  2. Just finished listening to all your radio tapes and started listing to music writer Rob Sheffield’s audiobook “Love Is a Mix Tape.” Among the types of mix tapes he lists are the “radio tape.” “Back when people listened to the radio, you kept a tape handy in your boom box at all times so you could capture the hot new hits of the week. The intro would always get cut off, the DJ would chatter over the end, you also ended up with static, commercials, and jingles, but all that noise just added to the field recording verisimilitude. The radio tape just puts you right back in the same time and place where you originally heard the songs.”

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