Sprite Castle Episode 030: Flappy Bird/Flappy 64

Sprite Castle Episode 030: Flappy Bird/Flappy64
Released in 2014 by SOS.

In this final (?) video episode of Sprite Castle, I flap my gums while playing the brand new port of Flappy Bird on the Commodore 64.

Flappy64 is available at
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  1. lol…very funny bit with flappy bird. The problem with the keyboard version is that the tactile fine-tuning available with a touchpad is missing and the screen resolution is so clunky that every move up by the bird is greater.

    Thus the ratio between the bird’s vertical movement and the space between the pipes probably doesn’t match the touch version so the bird gets whacked every time. Bottom line is that the pipes should be a little further apart to compensate for the chunky graphics.

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