Sprite Castle Episode 018: Friday the 13th

Sprite Castle Episode 018: Friday the 13th
Released in 1985 by Domark.

In this very special Halloween episode I will teach you the proper way to swing an ax.

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  1. I totally forgot about this game too! I don’t think I played the game right either as I didn’t have a manual “back in the day”. :D I gotta find time to load this up over the weekend. I remember having the same problems as a child when I found a copy of Raiders Of The Lost Ark for the 2600 at a garage sale with no manual. I thought I had a broken game until I got online years later and found the manual.

    I’ve really been loving Sprite Castle, keep up the good work! (Btw, the site comes up as “Untitled” in my RSS reader. Just wanted to let you know.)

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