2 Replies to “Sprite Castle Episode 004: Galaga/Galaxy”

  1. Another great Tubecast! I’m not familiar with C64 games, but I was a little shocked at how bad the graphics are in these two games. It does get the point across, but I thought the C64 was more powerful than this. Was this at the start of its run? That’s the only explanation I can think of, other than the graphics may have improved with later memory upgrades. Clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about. :)

    Was there sound in either of these games? I can’t remember if you mentioned that in the episode. At first I thought it might have been an internal speaker, but after giving it a little thought I didn’t think the C64 had one of those.

  2. Galaga has a copyright of 1982; the C64 was released in August of 1982 so it would have been within the first few months of the C64’s release. Galaxy is 1983 and you can see that it uses sprites vs. BASIC characters so it’s a bit more advanced, but yeah, they’re both really early releases.

    Both games have sound. It looks like the Commodore audio track didn’t get mixed into this video on accident. You’re right, no internal speaker on the Commodore — all audio is external.

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