Sprite Castle 027: Adventureland

Warm up your typing fingers and jump into the wonderful world of Scott Adams’ adventures with the first text adventure ever released for home computers, ADVENTURELAND.

Download the game in .D64 format HERE.
Download ringtones from the game HERE.

Congratulations to MICHAEL D’ANGELO, this episode’s King of the Castle! Listen to this week’s episode to find out how you can become the next King of the Castle! Remember, I need the song title and its relationship to this episode!

Last episode’s secret song was Tom Petty – Free Falling

[Game Links]

Link: Box
Link: Manual
Link: YouTube
Link: Browser Version (
Link: Adventureland Walk-Through
Link: An Adventure In Small Computer Game Simulation
Link: Matt Chat 79 w/Scott Adams (YouTube)
Link: Matt Chat 80 w/Scott Adams (YouTube)
Link: Matt Chat 81 w/Scott Adams (YouTube)
Link: Get Lamp interview with Scott Adams (YouTube)

[Show Links]

Link: My Text Adventure, Hangar 22 (Play in Browser)
Link: Robb Sherwin’s Interactive Fiction Games
Link: The Last Ninja Musicology: Cancelled
Link: Commodore Free #91
Link: CBMXfer 0.41
Link: LumaFix64
Link: Castles of Dr. Creep on Steam Greenlight
Link: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Update
Link: Frogger II – Three Deep +4D
Link: Petaco’5 Pinball Collection
Link: Avenger (1987) w/trainer

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