Sprite Castle 007: 4th and Inches

Ready, set, HUT! On episode seven of Sprite Castle, I play Accolade’s 1986 classic football game 4th and Inches. Or as people in Europe call it, “American Football.”

If you would like to play along, you can find download links to emulators along with all the games played so far on Sprite Castle by clicking on the downloads tab at the top of the page. Next episode we will be covering Druid by Firebird.

Congratulations to Rob Snyder for being this episode’s King of the Castle! Listen to this week’s episode to find out how you can become the next King of the Castle!

[Show Links]

Link: 4th and Inches Manual (Stadium 64)
Link: Zombi Terror
Link: Gamebase 64 v13 Released (!)
Link: Virtual C64 (C64 Emulator for Mac)
Link: Stereo SIDPlayer on Youtube
Link: Dragon’s Lair on C64

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