Multiple Sadness 001 – Microwave Massacre (1983)

On the inaugural episode of Multiple Sadness, we take a look at a movie that serves up equal parts black comedy, bad acting, nudity, and cannibalism for dinner: 1983’s Microwave Massacre.

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2 Replies to “Multiple Sadness 001 – Microwave Massacre (1983)”

  1. Hey Rob,
    I really enjoyed episode one. I particularly liked the format, including all the clips. I guess the ultimate compliment would be to tell you it drove me to watch the movie last night. I don’t think hearing the podcast first spoiled my enjoyment one bit. I expect to see a lot of familiar titles as you continue with this podcast, but it was a pleasure to discover a new gem with episode one, Good luck.
    Steve Murdock

  2. I loved the first episode of your show, I have yet to listen to the second episode but I am playing it as I write this. I really hope you get to do DUMPSTER BABY as soon as possible because I really want to know what that is all aboot. I think the joke the drunks made about recognizing that other drunk guy only when he was laid out on the floor was because hes so drunk and passed out all the time thats the only way they recognize him. thanks for a great show but I have to go eat dinner, I’M SO HUNGRY I CAN EAT A WHORE!
    – Captain Marvelous

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