YDKF Episode 136: Funspot Arcade

Where did the time go? After a couple of weeks off, You Don’t Know Flack is back with episode 136. In this episode I talk a bit about Funspot Arcade, the classic arcade in Laconia, New Hampshire. Last week on vacation I got to drop more than a few tokens into classic arcade machines at Funspot. How was it? Tune in and find out!

Please note that the voice mailbox number has changed. The new number is 405-486-YDKF. That’s 405 (as in Oklahoma City), 486 (as in the processor), YDKF (as in YOU DON’T KNOW FLACK).


Funspot ArcadeM
My Funspot Vacation Photos
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A good game for the kids: Exidy’s Chiller
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