YDKF Episode 135: Backmasking

Posted by robohara | Posted in YDKF | Posted on 05-19-2013


Say a prayer and grab the Holy water — today’s episode is all about backmasking in music, those backwards subliminal messages hidden both intentionally and unintentionally in rock music during the 1970s and 80s. In this episode I’ll talk about what started this phenomenon, the course it ran, and what effect (if any) it had on innocent music fans such as myself.


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Great episode – no mention of the Judas Priest court case????

Gah, I skipped right over that! You’re right, that was a big part of the whole controversy … and yet another thing that sold millions of records to impressionable youth such as myself!

Awesome Podcast Flack!! I remember when I was growing up how “big” this was, and I peeved off my older brother when I played his Zeppelin records backwards. Interesting note, when I played a section of this Podcast backwards I heard; “Satan read Commodork and so should you”


I remember a comedian of the day talking about the JP lawsuit… He said “Ok, if subliminal messages work, then why didn’t they put ‘GO MOW THE LAWN, GO MOW THE LAWN’ in the song. Yeah, I’d bet all the potheads would be out there mowing the lawn…” Priceless…

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