YDKF Episode 126: The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This week’s show is all about the Nintendo Entertainment System — the NES, for short. In this episode you’ll get to hear about how and when I got my first NES and what games I used to play. You’ll also learn about the horrible television I used to own, how I built up my collection of 300+ cartridges, and the exact moment I realized my girlfriend was also my soul mate. I also answer questions from callers about Commodore RAM Expansion Units and the best retro computer to bludgeon someone to death with.

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This episode was sponsored by Doug McCoy, author of ANESthetized and Arcadian.


The BluREU C64 demo that uses the RAM expander.
Here’s a list of REU friendly games for the Commodore.
Check out my friend Ferg’s Atari 2600 Podcast: WWW | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes
The NES PowerPak and Everdrive N8

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