YDKF Episode 119: Hohocon ’94

Episode 119 is about Hohocon — specifically, Hohocon ’94, the last Hohocon (and the only one I attended).


The Milwaukee 414’s (Wikipedia and in Enter Magazine
The Hohocon ’94 Invite
Review of Hohocon ’94 by Netta Gilboa
Review of Hohocon ’94 by Count Zero/cDc
Review of Hohocon ’94 by Phrack Magazine
A zip file of my scans from Hohocon
Pixel8/Peachy’s 8-bit Music Files
Robb Sherwin’s latest game, Cyberganked
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A mirror copy of this episode is located at the Internet Archive.

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  1. My initial meeting of Netta wasn’t so nice. Back in the h/p days, some individuals that didn’t like me pranked her voicemail, and left my number. She then called me in a rather upset tone. Being rather confused, I explained what could have happened(and I was right), and she backed down her threats of turning me in(for someone else leaving my phone number?).

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