Category: Sprite Castle

Sprite Castle 018: The Goonies

HEY YOUUU GUUUYS! This episode’s game is good — good enough for me — ah YA YA YA YA YA! Take control of Josh, Mikey, Mouth, Sloth, and the rest of the gang in through eight co-op levels in 1985’s […]

Sprite Castle 017: Montezuma’s Revenge

Snakes, spiders and skulls — oh my! After getting distracted for a few minutes by one-star Yelp reviews for Panchos Mexican Buffet, I get into this episodes adventure which is 1984’s MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE. If you would like to play along, […]

Sprite Castle 016: MicroLeague Wrestling

Atomic elbows! Leg drops! Head smashes! OH YEAH! On this week’s episode of Sprite Castle we wrestle with the world’s most strategic wrestling game, 1987’s MICROLEAGUE WRESTLING. If you would like to play along, you can find download links to […]