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I began podcasting in 2008 with the launch of You Don’t Know Flack, and have been creating and recording shows ever since. On, you can find links and feeds to all of my podcasts. You can subscribe to any of my shows through their RSS links or through iTunes. You can find those links on each show’s page in the “About the Shows” section. Additionally, I have set up a “master feed” that you can subscribe to if you want to get every episode of every show!


All of my shows are free to download, listen to, and distribute. If you would like to support me, check out my Patreon link at You can support my shows starting at $1 a month. $5/month supporters get access to a lot of backstage information!

If you would rather, you can always buy me a $5 beer or $10 mixed drink through Paypal!

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Rob’s Podcast Voice Mailbox: 405-486-YDKF

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