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Sprite Castle 035: Samantha Fox Strip Poker

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] Once voted “the most unerotic strip poker game” by Power Play Magazine, on this week’s show we take 1986’s Samantha Fox Strip Poker out for a spin. Download ringtones from the game HERE. iTunes | RSS | Facebook | […]

YDKF Episode 182: Breakdance

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] Before my ninja phase and my skateboarding phase came my breakdancing phase. On Episode 182 of You Don’t Know Flack I share my memories of breakdancing, including the first time I saw anyone do the moonwalk, seeing the Coca-Cola […]

Sprite Castle 034: BC’s Quest for Tires

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] What better hero than a caveman on a unicycle? On this episode of Sprite Castle, we’re rollin’ deep as we discuss the first game I ever saw on a Commodore 64: BC’s Quest for Tires, released by Sierra On-Line, […]

YDKF Episode 181: Archiving

Support my podcasts on www.Patreon.com/RobOHara If you have archived all the old episodes of You Don’t Know Flack, you are in luck! On Episode 181 of YDKF I talk about all the things I archive: photos, VHS tapes, vinyl records, […]

YDKF Episode 180: Thanksgiving

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] Nothing says Thanksgiving like December. On this slightly-delayed episode of You Don’t Know Flack, I catch up on a few things. In a lengthy Loading Time segment I discuss the WiModem (a wireless modem for the Commodore 64) and […]

YDKF Episode 179: Tempting Death

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] On Episode 179 of You Don’t Know Flack, I tell a few old stories about times I was almost killed. Believe it or not, it’s happened more than a couple of times in my life! Links — iTunes | […]

YDKF Episode 178: Y2K

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] On Episode 178 of You Don’t Know Flack I discuss Y2K — the hype and the reality, from someone who was actually there and was actively fixing computers. This episode includes some Y2K commercials, discussion of Y2K-specific magazines, and […]

Sprite Castle 033: Skate or Die

[Patreon.com/RobOHara] This week we’re here to skate, die, and chew bubble gum, and Lester stole our bubble gum and punched us in the eye. On this week’s game, we play one of my favorite games of all time: SKATE OR […]